Frozen 2 Trailer

So the trailer for Frozen 2 just dropped and I have a lot of questions. Why is Elsa trying to run through the water? Why is this so intense? How does Olaf exist in the fall? Is this movie going to have as big a bop as Let It Go? November 2019, please get here…read more »


WATCH: Awesome Dog Show Agility Run

So I’m a cat person. I have never watched a second of the Westminster Dog Show on TV. But this morning while I was scrolling through social media, I came across this video of a dog completing the agility run and it is WILD. I’ve probably watched this video 5 times today. Check out Gabby…read more »


You Should Listen To Dermot Kennedy Immediately

Hello and let me to introduce you to my newest music obsession. Over the summer, Sweet 98.5 was playing a song called “Young & Free” by Irish singer/songwriter Dermot Kennedy. We were the only station in the country playing that song, which is ridiculous because it’s SO GOOD. Take a listen if you need a…read more »