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Nikki Oswald is the host of Sweet 98.5 Mornings with Nikki and Matt.
She grew up listening to Sweet 98.5 (it was a staple on her bus route), recording songs off the radio onto *cassettes* so she could pretend she was a real-life DJ. Being a part of this heritage station is a total dream come true.

When she’s not asking her daughter 47 times to find her shoes, trying to keep her toddler from biting, or dancing with the kids to Panic! At The Disco and Taylor Swift, she’s running, pinning recipes and home remodel projects she’ll never get to, quoting her 4 year old on Twitter, or singing far too loudly at a concert.




Born in the tiny town of Cambridge, Nebraska, Matt Tompkins grew up in Hastings until relocating to St. Joe, Missouri where his father completed his Seminary school with the United Methodist Church. Matt graduated from Valley High School and then the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

His radio career began as a producer for an afternoon drive news talk show in Omaha, while he spent his weekends performing in a touring rock band. Matt then joined with his brother Ben Tompkins for the afternoon radio program “The Matt and Ben Show” and they began performing stand up comedy shows, releasing a comedy album, “Songs For Giants” in 2010. Tompkins continued his radio career with local radio star Otis XII (Douglas Wesselman) with the nationally syndicated radio show “The Front Porch,” on SiriusXM.

Nearly 5 years ago Matt Tompkins and his brother Ben created “Omaha Live,” the first ever sketch comedy TV show in Omaha. Airing after Saturday Night Live and produced entirely on their own with no studio or resources in the beginning, Omaha Live beat all the odds and has grown to more than 68,000 monthly viewers.