Shelby is ALLERGIC to the Cold
A heartbreaking story about how I was banned from eating brownies as a kid.
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So, I must've been six or seven years old when this TRAGEDY happened.

Thanks mom.

I was playing in the snow on Winter Break like any other kid would. My mom shouted out the window that she made brownies.

Hell yeah I want brownies.

Anyways, I went inside and stuffed my belly with this chocolatey masterpiece and turned back around to go outside and play in the snow. A couple hours later I come back inside to thaw from the chilly weather, and my mom is FREAKING OUT.

I guess my face was swollen or something. So she thought it was the brownies (I really don't blame her). BUT, we went to the allergist and did all of the testing and fun stuff, but the doctor couldn't find ANYTHING.

His last resort was the ice test. Yep, I swelled right up. Long story short, after a month of being on brownie arrest, we found out I have Cold Ulticaria - an extreme cold allergy.

With that being said, I hope this weather goes away. I want freedom.

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