Woman Finds Naked Couple in Her AirBnB Bed

Woman Finds Naked Couple in Her AirBnB Bed

What would you do?

Taylor Guest is 22 years old and is, of course, from a town called ‘Taylor, Nebraska.’ Ms Guest was a, wait for it, ‘guest’ at an Airbnb in Omaha along with her cousin and little sister.

So, Taylor from Taylor, a guest named guest, came home to her Airbnb…and then things got weird.

She opened the door to the bedroom to find 2 strangers naked in her bed.  Taylor didn’t freak though, she simple closed the door and politely asked if the naked strangers could get dressed “so they could talk.” When she reopened the bedroom door the couple was now dressed and jumping out of the window.

Taylor and her fam left immediately and stayed at their Aunt’s house in Omaha.

And that is the naked truth.

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