How to Honor Veterans Day in Omaha

How to Honor Veterans Day in Omaha

Take a minute today to thank a Veteran you know, for their bravery, courage, and service to the country we all love!

What is There to do in Nebraska & Iowa for Veterans Day?

From parades and flyovers to discounted admissions to museums and events, here is a full list of everything happening locally for you and the family to enjoy and pay homage!


Retired Marine Mick Wagoner epitomizes what it means to give back and help veterans right here in our home city.  Mick served multiple tours in the Middle East and now he works to help veterans, who have committed crimes, get their lives together and back on track.  READ THE FULL STORY HERE

Here is a list of more than 100 Veterans Day Free Meals, discounts, and specials for Vets and active military!