3 Things For Your Well-Being Wednesday

3 Things For Your Well-Being Wednesday

Being busy blocks our creative abilities

If you’re stressed out and busy all the time, you are not able to be your best self.  Recent research shows that when our minds are busy and distracted it prevents us from being creative, and without that we really can’t be that productive.

One thing that helps me is Oprah’s lesson about ‘The Power of Yes.’ Basically, only say yes to things that you are 100% sure ARE a yes, that you have no doubt in your mind that you WANT to do.  It’s tough to say no, but when you DO say no – when you say yes it will make it that much more meaningful. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Science Says: Couples Who Make Fun of Each Other Have Better Relationships

Yes, science shows that the happiest couples are those who can playfully laugh with each other, and at each other (respectfully, of course).  Not taking ourselves too seriously keeps the relationship real, fun, and with less fighting…according to science, of course. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Would you pay $180 for a ‘breast facial?’

That is what models and celebrities are fawning over now, with a service that refreshes skin and ‘perkiness.’ This writer and beauty reviewer was skeptical at first, but read how this new service changed her mind!