The Hottest 2020 Super Bowl Commercials

The Hottest 2020 Super Bowl Commercials

The Kansas City Chiefs come from behind victory over the San Fransisco 49ers made fans happy who have waited their entire lives for a KC win, but this year the commercials won over a lot of fans too!

There were a number of funny, moving, and entertaining commercials and we have the full list with videos for you here…and at $5.6 Million per commercial, they should not disappoint!

Pepsi featuring Missy Elliott & H.E.R.

Pepsi set the bar high with Cardi B‘s spot last year, and to say they delivered with this Missy Elliott and H.E.R. remix of The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” would be an understatement.

Doritos Featuring Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott’s dramatic reading of one of the most popular, catchy, and maybe annoying songs ever made truly captured the essence of what a Super Bowl Ad should be.

Mountain Dew's the Shining

The image of Bryan Cranston as The Grady Twins from The Shining will be tough to get out of our minds, but this commercial was a striking re-make of the classic movie that Cranston nailed!

Genesis: Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

This celebrity couple were adorable enough to just pull this commercial off as it came close to being a misfire, only to be saved by the leaning guy at parties and the Sexiest Man Alive.

Facebook Groups: Chris Rock and Sylvestor Stallone

Rocky and Chris Rock played off their names to help Facebook groups in their first Super Bowl commercial ever.

Audi with Maisie Williams

Many, many game of thrones jokes to come in this one as the young super star belts out Frozen tunes with the new e-tron.

Squarespace: Winona Ryder

Honestly, I didn’t even recognize that this was Winona Ryder until I read about it online today, but her welcome to Welcome to Winona website was cute and she had a lot of fun filming and taking photos of people in Minnesota for this commercial

Alexa: Ellen Degeneres

Ellen plays the part as this ad asks the question of what we did before we could ask Alexa anything and everything.

Snickers with Luis Guzman

We’ve all been wondering ‘what is wrong with our planet’ in many different contexts and Snickers has some fun with the idea that maybe mother earth is just ‘hangry.’

Michelob Ultra with John Cena and Jimmy Fallon

In this commercial Michelob Ultra is trying to be the post-workout drink of choice as John Cena tries to train Jimmy Fallon with a number of star-studded appearances along the way

Little Caesars with Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson brings his funny awkward charm to this commercial and yeah, it’s for Little Caesars, but it’s still a Super Bowl ad, right?

Quick Bites with Chance the Rapper

Just what we needed, another streaming platform for videos. Chance the Rapper makes an appearance for this video that promotes other videos.

Tide with Charlie Day & Emily Hampshire

Emily Hampshire of Schitt’s Creak and Charlie Day of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame made this ongoing bit with Tide pretty funny as the call backs continued throughout the entire Super Bowl. Creative and fun, just don’t eat the pods people!