The Coffee That Broke The Internet

The Coffee That Broke The Internet

Today on the show, Laura’s mind was BLOWN.
That doesn’t happen often (unless it is a Dixie Chicks song 16 years in the making).

A coffee has gained MAJOR views on TikTok, thanks to it landing on the Tok’s trending page. As of this writing, #whippedcoffee has 899.9 MILLION views on the Tok alone. Insert shocked face emoji.

Apparently Lars hadn’t heard anything about it, so I did my best to describe it to her:
The ingredients: instant coffee and sugar
The process: mix ingredients plus water and then mixmixmixmixmix with a whisk until your arm gets that gooood deep burn going (or start out with an electric mixer and save yourself a whisk to wash)
The end result: a rich, delicious coffee concoction that essentially ends up being the opposite of a latte

I mean, I guess I could have played her one of the millions of videos already in existence, but I digress.

Anyway, I set the ingredients out last night in order to bring ‘em to work this morning as a little Friday Eve treater. And, shocking absolutely no one, I forgot the stuff right on the counter where I set it. Still wanting to share the experience with her, I gave the world one more incredibly high quality whipped coffee/Dalgona Coffee video.

Have you tried to make it? Any tips? I’ve yet to figure out how to get the foam to peak, but the experimentation process has proven quite delicious.