May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

“Have you been playing any board games while social distancing?”

That’s the question Nikki & Laura asked on FB and judging by the responses, ya’ll have been busy with those board games!

Whenever I (Laura) go home for the holidays, my family ALWAYS opens up the game closet and pulls out some of our favorites. We’ve always enjoyed playing games together and have a few that have stood the test of time:

  • Sequence: This is a game that we got somehow, played a few times, and then forgot about it for years until we re-discovered it. It’s now one of our favorite games to play because it involves strategy and teamwork. Inside the box is a game board that has a grid made up of playing cards. Each player gets 5 cards and a bunch of chips (different colors for different teams). Everyone takes turns playing a card, placing a chip on the corresponding space on the board, and then drawing another card. This goes until a team has a sequence of 5 chips in a row. This game can be played as singles or doubles, depending on how many people you’re with. Doubles is fun because you don’t know what your partner’s hand looks like, so sometimes you just have to play a card and hope they can meet you there!
  • Rummikub: We’ve played this game as a family so many times–the box is so worn that it’s barely a box anymore. This game comes with a set of numbered tiles and you win by playing the tiles in different groups and sequences. It’s an individual game and when it’s your turn, you can move as many times as you can. The winner is the person that uses up all their tiles first. We’re big on strategy games, so this one is one of our favorites!​
  • Bananagrams: My mother and I play the most INTENSE games of Bananagrams whenever I’m home to visit. If you’re into word games like Scrabble or Words with Friends, you’ll LOVE this one. Each player get a certain amount of tiles with letters on them. Once the game starts… SPEED! It’s a race to see who can make their own personal scrabble with their letters the fastest. When you use up all of the letters you have, yell “peel!” and everyone takes a tile. This goes until all the rest of the tiles are gone. Our favorite part of the game? When we’re done and get to show each other all of the cool words that we made.


One of my (Nikki) favorite things about big family holiday get-togethers was the moment dinner wrapped and the games came out.

  • Scattergories: Having a big family came in super handy when building our Scattergories teams. In this game, teams come up with answers that fit the categories listed on their card.The answers must start with the letter rolled on the die, so narrowing down categories while racing the timer can get tricky, especially because your team only gets points if no other team has the same answer.
  • Encore: THIS is the game I attempted to describe on air but couldn’t remember the name of. Hands down, favorite game to play with my cousins. Being a music junkie lends itself well to this game. The players divide into two teams. The first team turns up a card with five words; the teams then take turns singing at least six words of any song that contains one of those five words. Now I’m thinking Laura and I might need to play this on air some Franzia Friday.
  • Killer: We mostly played this game – by candle light – when we had power outages. Weird, but…yeah, that’s what we did. Citing The Oracle (Wikipedia), this card game is also known as Murder Wink, Killer, Murder in the Dark, Lonely Ghost[1] and Killer Killer. “In each round of play, one player is secretly assigned the role of “murderer”, (we always used a Joker card) perhaps by handing every player a playing card with a particular card signifying that the recipient is the murderer. The murderer has the ability to “kill” other players by making eye contact and winking at them. If a player is winked at, they must count silently to five before feigning sudden death, and either lying on the floor where they died, or silently leaving the playing area.[2]” Talk. About. Tense.

    We asked you to weigh in on games you’re now digging out of your closet with the extra home time.

    Here’s what you said: 

Have you been playing any board games while social distancing? Drop your family's favorite below:Nikki & the fam play…

Posted by Sweet 98.5 on Wednesday, April 8, 2020