Miss (and Mister) Independent

Miss (and Mister) Independent

To borrow a few good lines from one of my favorite women and Wayfair’s first Brand Ambassador:

“Miss independent
Miss self-sufficient
Miss keep your distance”

That distance? Six feet, please. And thank you.

Kelly Clarkson hits all the right notes in Miss Independent (2003? Excuse me?), especially when ya flip it to fit the quarantined-with-kids narrative.

If your WFH and SFH experience is anything like mine, you’re trying to give the littles as much independence as you can, so you can get something (read: anything) done.

In this new/weird/uncharted/adjusted way living, I’m learning there’s a fine line between allowing young’uns to experience more independence and being – I don’t know – lax? Inattentive? Things have certainly been lax around my house. We’ll roll with that.

“Mom, can I have another snack?” – Sure, if you can reach it.
“Mom, can I get more flavored water?” – Grab your cup and get some water from the fridge.

Days are whirlwinds of working in the office, working from home, schooling, parenting, and not all in that order but also, somehow, all at the same time.

In that whirlwind, I found *these* in my 3 year old’s room this afternoon when I went to lay him down for a nap.

Thinking maybe I should take over the drink and snack duties after all.