Quarantine Decorating Dreams

Quarantine Decorating Dreams

Are you *feeling* the bug, too? No, not the virus.
The “I want to overhaul my entire house but we’re in the middle of a pandemic so maybe a whole house overhaul isn’t realistic or responsible right now but I’m daydreaming about it anyway” kind of bug?

That one. And it makes sense. We’re spending extra time at home…walking around…looking at blank walls or ripped couch cushions. (I have both.)

I caught the bug before Christmas (October, actually, when I painted my cabinets this dreamy off white) and have been steadily working toward that glorious farmhouse look many of us know and love ever since. Thanks, Joanna Gaines. (Actually, Kelly Clarkson and Le Peep at 69th & Pacific have both inspired a shift in the decor goal: less modern farmhouse and more French Country. Ooh la la. If you’ve been to that Le Peep, you know. And if you haven’t, as soon as dining-in is an option again, hit it up and check out the restroom while you’re there. Sounds weird, but trust me. Powder room dreams. And have you clicked through Kelly’s Wayfair collection? Good grief.)

So, I’ve got the bug. How do you quash it? Well, for me, I build dream carts through some of my favorite local shops. Prairie in Bloom, Roger + Chris, Hearts and Fire, and McKean’s Floor to Ceiling are a few sites I’ve been hitting up lately. I build carts with everything under the sun I could possibly want. Candles, wall art, a new sectional, a clock, counter height stools, a chandelier, a French Country vanity, 9 throw pillows, a lamp….you know. Whew. It is a rush. I let that cart sit for a hot second and when I come back with a clear head – and after checking my bank account – I make *a* purchase accordingly.

I’m not afraid to admit that I miss shopping. I do. So, until the day we can again *aimlessly* wander aisles and shops…I’ll keep on building my dream cart-o-home-styles and supporting our friends and neighbors one candle, throw pillow, or clock at a time.

I’d love to hear about your favorite local home-styles shops. Hit me up – nikki@sweet985.com. Bonus points if they ship. 😉