What’s Cookin’?

What’s Cookin’?

How often are you grocery shopping right now?
Once a week? Once every two weeks?
My husband is the designated grocery getter for our fam. He goes once a week, every Friday.

Have you been doing any quarantine kitchen experimentations?

Google Trends has released the Top 10 Most Googled Recipes since the pandemic started and SHOCKINGLY sourdough isn’t at the top of the list. (How?! That’s all I’m seeing on IG.)

In fact, it didn’t even make the list.

So, what did?

10. Cheesecake recipe

9. Lasagna recipe

8. French toast recipe

7. Meatloaf recipe

6. “Recette crepe” (“crepe recipe” in French)

5. Brownie recipe

4. Pizza dough recipe

3. Chicken recipes

2. Pancake recipe

1. Banana bread recipe

I’ve googled 6 out of the 10 but I REALLY wanna know who’s making those crepes at home right now. (If it is you, will you teach me? We can schedule a Zoom meeting. ;))