Here’s That Thing We Talked About (June 22)

Growing up, everyone knew the kids who had the “cool” house, and they definitely wanted to be invited over. But what exactly made a house a “cool” house?

Well, according to a new survey:

  • Half of respondents say a home that was stocked with good snacks was the true sign of a “cool” house.
  • Other top signs you had the “cool” house:
    • Video games (38%)
    • Cable TV (38%)
    • Pool (34%)

Source: SWNS Digital

Pink shares on IG Live the only reason she and Carey Hart are still together is because of couples counseling:

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DJ Khaled heads to the dentist in total low key style:

Angelina Jolie has opened up to “Vogue Italia” about her split from Brad Pitt. She says they separated for “the well-being of my family.”