Smartest Person at 6am – Carryover!

Smartest Person at 6am – Carryover!

We have a five (?) day carryover for Smartest Person at 6am!

Question: In 2018, 78 Million US households had at least one person who does this activity.

Incorrect guesses: Fortnite, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Scrapbooking, Hoverboarding, Running, Putting together puzzles, Gardening, Yoga, Vaping / Smoking, Gym / Working Out, Meditation, Talking to yourself, Listen to podcasts, Listen to audiobooks, Breathing exercises, Listening to music, Counting steps, Fidget spinner / activity, use Snapchat, headbanging, play cornhole (close answer), snoring, singing, reading, Pokémon Go, Dancing, Karaoke, Golf, Drinking, Bird Watching, Biking, using a GoPro, smoking pot, tanning, fishing (closest answer), walking around the house nude, texting, chewing gum, mowing the lawn, walking, hunting.

Clues: You can do this solo or in a group, this is something you do outside.

Answer: Camping! Congrats, Lori!