This FREE Virtual Summer Camp Kicks Off TODAY!

This FREE Virtual Summer Camp Kicks Off TODAY!

Walmart is ready to keep kids and families entertained this summer with a new program. Camp by Walmart is hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and features arts, crafts, fitness and other activities led by celebs including Drew Barrymore and LeBron James. There will be more than 200 activities throughout the summer and it’s all totally free. Source: Delish

Still trying to find ways to keep the kids entertained (or at least busy) this summer? A new program is here to help from a surprising source: Walmart. Camp by Walmart kicks off today (July 8th) and it’s full of activities for kids to follow along with and celebrity guests, too.

The virtual camp is hosted by head counselor Neil Patrick Harris and will have sessions led by other stars across the summer, including:

  • “The Great Family Challenge” – Get ready for family bonding activities as Drew Barrymore takes campers through a make-up tutorial and LeBron James leads campers through mental and physical activities.
  • “Skills Camp” – This is a talent show featuring experts teaching new skills, like Idina Menzel, who shows campers her singing skills.
  • “Smarts and Crafts” – Here campers learn about creativity, arts, crafts, and fashion with designer Todd Oldham.

Camp by Walmart can be accessed through the Walmart app and will offer 200 more new activities throughout the summer to keep families entertained all season. And the best part? It’s totally free!

Source: Delish

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