How to Avoid Common Amazon Shopping Mistakes & Save Money!

How to Avoid Common Amazon Shopping Mistakes & Save Money!

Amazon has pretty much everything we need and delivers it to our doorstep super fast, but there are some tricks that make shopping the site even better. Even the most savvy Amazon shopper may not know about all the ways to save on the site. These are common mistakes people make shopping on Amazon and how to avoid them. Source: Travel and Leisure

Amazon is a one-stop shop for everything from electronics to household goods and their quick shipping has been a life-saver for many of us during the pandemic. But even if you’re a savvy Internet shopper, you may not know some hidden tricks to get the best deals on Amazon. These are some common mistakes you may be making when shopping on the site and how to avoid them.

Not timing your purchase right 

Amazon is known for its deals, but you can spend less if you buy during sales. They have huge ones for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and their famous annual Prime Day, but check the Today’s Deals page regularly to show you where you can save now.

Forgetting to comparison shop 

When you’re shopping online, comparing brands and styles is a must. Amazon makes it easier with their 30-day price tracker tool that helps you find the best time to buy and save on things you’re looking for.

Not reading customer reviews

Look beyond the five-star rating system and take the time to read shopper’s reviews so you can see the pros and cons of a product.

Not getting an Amazon Prime subscription

If the free, ultra-fast shipping isn’t enough to reel you in, there are lots of other benefits to the $119 a year subscription fee, including discounts at Whole Foods and movies and shows on Prime Video.

Not taking advantage of Amazon Warehouse and Outlets

You can score great deals on quality used products, like tablets and tools, on Amazon Warehouse. And Amazon Outlet is full of overstock items, like beauty products and electronics, plus they have Fashion Clearance Coupons and Overstock Deals pages for even deeper discounts.

Want More Tips to Save Money on Amazon?

Here are 19 tips and tricks to help you SAVE MONEY!

Once you learn these tips and tricks you’ll be a PRO at saving money on Amazon! Check these out and let us know if you know any tips that we missed!

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