It’s The Fix Podcast: 7 ways to regain control of your life in times of chaos

It’s The Fix Podcast: 7 ways to regain control of your life in times of chaos

We are all guilty of blaming others or situations and circumstances for the negative things that happen to us in our lives, but what if we took ownership of our own faults and reclaimed control over our life? That’s what this week’s podcast is all about.  We go over several things you have control over and can change right now, plus 7 ways to feel more in control of your life!

You have more control than you think

Here are just a few things you have control over and can change immediately:

  • Breathing
    • Start controlling your breathing through your diaphragm and not through your chest and shoulders to calm your anxiety and stress and refocus your mind
  • The food we eat and how much water we drink
    • Outside of a full on food addiction, you can make decisions about what you eat every day.  All that it takes is a little planning to avoid 1500 Calorie meals 3 times a day
  • The people we associate with
    • The friends you spend time with will rub off on you, so choose them wisely.  We have a tendency to ‘catch’ emotions from other people just as we would catch a cold, so make sure you’re catching positive emotions and not negative ones
  • Where we work and who we work for
    • We are much more likely to stay at a job we hate until we are fired/laid off than we are to actually leave that job for something we truly enjoy.  Finding a new job is a short term inconvenience with a life time of positive side effects. Ask yourself this: Does your passion and purpose in life align with what you are best at doing? Find a way to realign those things and you’ll never go to ‘work’ again. 
  • What causes us stress
    • Identify the things/people that cause us stress, call them out and identify them, and address them with a solution immediately.  The more you ignore it or ‘wish’ it will go away the worse the stress will get. Stress is the number one killer of ‘Deaths of Despair’ but the good news is that it is relatively easy to correct.
  • What we stimulate our mind with
    • Whether it be Social Media or mobile devices, our environment, our attention is being hijacked and it is crucial to recognize this as a weakness and take preventative measures to regain control of your own mind. 

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