The Average Woman Walks Over 1,200 Miles Every Year

The Average Woman Walks Over 1,200 Miles Every Year

A lot of women are on their feet a lot, with many walking thousands of steps each day. And while many of us keep track of our daily steps, we still may be shocked to learn how much walking we really do.

A new study finds

  • The average woman typically takes 51,330 steps a week, which translates to 24 miles.
  • All these steps means a woman between 18 and 50 will take 2,669,160 steps a year, or 1,263 miles.
  • All those steps are the same as traveling from London to New Zealand 229 times.
  • It’s no surprise then that 30% of women don’t realize how much time they actually spend on their feet.

In addition to walking, women do a lot of standing each day.

  • 71% of women have had a career, which has them on their feet for seven hours a day.
  • What’s more, they spend nine days a year standing to cook, and another five exercising.
  • By the time the average woman reaches 50 she’ll have walked through seven jobs and visited 10 countries.
  • By the time they are 50 they will also have walked down the aisle once, had two children and two grandchildren that they run after.

Source: SWNS Digital

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