Fix Our Design Flops: How do I pick a paint color?

Fix Our Design Flops: How do I pick a paint color?

Got a room that’s a little “meh” or not quite what you want it to be? Have any idea what to do?

Design genius Michael Murphy from Lee Douglas Interiors joins Nikki & Laura in studio every Wednesday at 8am to answer your design questions.

This week, we have questions about paint, which Michael has said is the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to design.

Michael’s Tips:

How do I pick a paint color in my space?
Going into a big box store and standing in front of all those paint strips can be very overwhelming. But once you learn that most manufacturers have done all the work for you it’s not too hard. Most paint manufacturers offer at least seven or so paint strips in a color grouping. Find the most neutral color of the shades, it is usually it’s in the middle of the grouping. Now from that strip choose three colors for the walls, ceiling and trim. On the strip there are usually two light shades, two medium and two dark. For the walls go to the medium shades. If the ceilings are nine feet or lower paint them two shades lighter than the wall color. If the ceilings are higher than nine feet paint then choose one shade darker than the wall color. Use the very lightest shade on the strip for the trim. 
Opinions on accent walls/how to execute a good accent wall?
Accent walls have been on-trend for a while but with all trends there is a time when they start to decline. If you have a space without architectural features a feature wall can help create interest, aka a focal point. You can create an accent by using a bold color choice, wallpaper, adding architectural elements like molding to a wall or hiring faux artist or muralist to create a special feature.