Fix Our Design Flops (Nov 11)

Fix Our Design Flops (Nov 11)

Got a room that’s a little “meh” or not quite what you want it to be? Have any idea what to do?

Design genius Michael Murphy from Lee Douglas Interiors joins Nikki & Laura in studio every Wednesday at 8am to answer your design questions.

This week, we had questions about holiday decorating. Here are Michael’s tips:

How do I choose the appropriate tree size for my space?
Measure the height of the room where you are going to place the tree. If you are using and average tree topper subtract twelve inches from the height. If you don’t use a tree topper, subtract six inches. The height minus the tree topper (12 inches) or no tree topper (6 inches) is the height of the tree.

What about the width of the tree?

Measure the space where the tree will be place and subtract twelve inches. If you plan to move any furniture, do that first then measure. So, the width of the space minus 12 inches is the width of the tree.

Proportions – Tree vs Room 

Don’t overlook proportion when choosing a tree. A small tree in a big room will not been seen and a large tree in a small room with make is too crowded.

Here are some general rules of thumb for size and placement-

  • Under 6 feet – great for a bedroom, kid’s room, small space and even on top of a table
  • 6- 6 1/2 feet – spaces with low ceilings
  • 7-7 1/2 feet – regular rooms with 8-9 foot ceilings
  • 8-9 feet – rooms with taller ceilings
  • 10-14 feet – vaulted ceilings

What about using greenery on wrapping? Which is the way to go: Real or faux?

Both. If you are taking it as a hostess gift, real is a nice touch. If it is going to sit under a tree, use faux as it will not die.