Cosmopolitan makes their own wines now

Cosmopolitan makes their own wines now

When you’re loading up on libations to get you through the holiday next week, there’s a new player in the wine game to consider. “Cosmo,” yep, the women’s magazine, is now making vino in a collaboration with Guarachi Wine. Their new Uncorked by Cosmopolitan collection features four “non-boring, mouth-watering” varieties they say are “perfect for everyday drinking.”

The wines include:

  • Cabernet sauvignon – It has aromas of black cherry and plum with notes of dark chocolate and “pairs well with having friends over for a dinner party, meeting The Parents for the first time, and watching eight consecutive episodes of a show,” according to the description.
  • Chardonnay – This one has “peachy, pineapple-y refreshing-ness” and “tropical fruit flavors with touches of peach and pear, and a buttery balance leading to a smooth, rich finish.”
  • Pinot noir – Another red, this one is described as “well structured with perfect balance” and “cherry, raspberry, and strawberry fruit flavors on the nose and palate.”
  • Rosé – The pink option “drinks clean and fresh with lots of fruit and red berries” and has “great structure and perfect intensity.”

The monochrome holographic bottles are all available on for $14.99 each or you can grab all four for $58.99.

Source: Cosmo

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