Fix Our Design Flops (Nov 18)

Fix Our Design Flops (Nov 18)

Got a room that’s a little “meh” or not quite what you want it to be? Have any idea what to do?

Design genius Michael Murphy from Lee Douglas Interiors joins Nikki & Laura in studio every Wednesday at 8am to answer your design questions.

This week, Laura has a challenge for Michael… she doesn’t think there’s a good way to arrange the furniture in the living room of her apartment based on the layout.

Laura needs the space to be a living room, entertaining space and would like some extra storage.

Here are some ideas:

• The room has several doors and openings making it challenging to place the furniture. Laura did a great job placing the sofas facing each other. She placed the coffee table between them which connects the two sofas together visually.

• We suggest adding an area rug under the coffee table to help ground and define the space.

• Use closed bookcases for storage.

• Since the far wall where we suggest the bookcases is the first things people see when they enter her home. We suggested adding some color with wall art or accessories.

• If you are on a budget, consider purchasing in phases, not all at once.

• Consider investment furniture. This is when you save money and invest in pieces that will last a long time. Create a home savings account for a new sofa, bed, dining chairs…add what you can every time you get paid, or if your employer offers direct deposit have it deposited directly in the account. You’ll be amazed how fast it adds up.

• When Laura is ready, we suggest to replace one of the sofas with two swivel chairs. They are more versatile, swivel to see the TV and use the game console and can be easily integrated into her next home.

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