Fix Our Design Flops: DIY Do’s and Don’ts

Fix Our Design Flops: DIY Do’s and Don’ts

Got a room that’s a little “meh” or not quite what you want it to be? Have any idea what to do?

Design genius Michael Murphy from Lee Douglas Interiors joins Nikki & Laura in studio every Wednesday at 8am to answer your design questions.

Today, we had questions for Michael about DIY Do’s and Don’ts:

DIY doesn’t mean doing everything yourself. Like any project, you should go into it with a plan of what you want to achieve and a rough idea of how you are going to do it. This is where websites, videos, and books can be helpful. However, remember that these resources will never compare to receiving one-on-one assistance from a home repair professional.

Structural vs Cosmetic
Structural should be handles by an expert
Cosmetic, which can be paint, wallpaper…can be done with little to no experience

Do it if your heart isn’t in it
Cut corners
Assume Everything Will Go According To Plan
Demo – leave it to a pro
Take on an electrical
Replace, move..the gas lines
Leave plumbing to a pro
Structural work, like removing walls

Plan, Budget & Prep
Get used to your tools – do a dry run and practice on scraps
Safety first – use protective eyewear and equipment
Measure. Measure. Measure.
Know your skill set and when you’re over your head – Don’t get sucked into DIY shows
Source materials
Update Hardware
Assemble modular systems