Fix Our Design Flops with Lee Douglas Interiors

Fix Our Design Flops with Lee Douglas Interiors

Got a room that’s a little “meh” or not quite what you want it to be? Have any idea what to do?

Design genius Michael Murphy from Lee Douglas Interiors joins Nikki & Laura in studio every Wednesday at 8am to answer your design questions.

Ways to transition out office holiday décor—how do you keep things from feeling bare and empty once the holiday decorations are gone? What are some good ways to transition into the next season?

Michael’s tips:

The holidays have us decorating and adding to our day-to-day décor which provides a very full cozy look and feeling. Once the holidays are over and we start to remove and store all the decorations it creates the illusion on emptiness. Fight the urge to over decorate and add unnecessary décor to recreate that full cozy filling. Instead embrace the space and open filling. Yes, it is winter and yes, we’re all having cabin fever. Especially after the year we just made it through. We all want to cocoon but, there are ways to create that feeling without overindulging.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to keep your home from looking bare while transitioning to spring.

  • Bring in color – paint a wall, freshen up your bed linens, add new pillows to the sofa, replace lamp shades. Does a room rotation. Add new to your most important space. Place the old item in another spot and donate older items that have served there purpose.
  • Splurge on a live or real touch plant. Greenery adds life to any space.
  • Open up the drapes- let the light in. Natural light is a great mood and room enhancer.
  • Consider your sense when transitioning. Touch, Smell, Hearing, Taste, Sight.    Touch-think tactile, but light weight. Like a throw blanket. Smell-add a fragrant candle to a space. Hearing-update your play list or stream something new. Taste-try a new dish, something you’ve always wanted try. Sight-your home should be your retreat from the world and the objects you select to place inside should make your heart sing every time you see them.