Smartest Person – Rollover!

We have a rollover question for Smartest Person!

Question: 30% of Americans admit they ended a date early because of THIS.

Wrong Answers: their smell, gapped teeth, they had to poop, they know one of their family members, bad manners, lack of chemistry, on their phone, bad dental hygiene, talking about their ex, political views, annoying laugh, they talk about themselves, annoying voice, they have kids, still live with their parent, how they treat the wait staff, showing up late, their family doesn’t like the partner, their job, they swear, bad breath, they just weren’t in to the person, they get an escape call from a friend, lack of attraction, they are not a pet person, how they eat (close), they’re checking out somebody else, how they tipped, flirting with the wait staff, they dated the waiter or waitress, chewing with their mouth open, food in their teeth, music, they mess up their order (close), bad service, they drink too much (very close), manners, they sent their food back,

Answer: a bad drink order! Congrats, Angela.