Help Kids Learn A Good April Fools’ Day Prank From A Bad One

Help Kids Learn A Good April Fools’ Day Prank From A Bad One

Thursday is April Fools’ Day and while it may not mean much to you, kids get excited for this one. That’s because little kids love pulling pranks, they just may not know what makes a good prank and what does not, so it’s our job to teach them. Where should you start? The biggest thing is helping them understand that when you pull a prank, everyone should be laughing at the end, not just the prankster.

Once they get the difference between laughing AT someone – which is mean – and laughing WITH someone – which isn’t mean – it’s time to find pranks the prankee is most likely to personally find funny. If your child wants to pull a prank and has no idea what to do, you can research ideas together. There are a lot of pranks out there that just aren’t funny and plenty that are gross, especially with food, like replacing the filling of an Oreo with toothpaste. But if you’re looking for some easy, kid-friendly pranks, here are a few ideas:

  • Googly eyes – For a simple PG-rated gag, get a bag of googly eyes from the craft drawer and open the fridge. Put a set of googly eyes on everything, the milk carton, the veggies, all the condiments, and they’ll crack up when they see the food staring back at them.
  • Shower prank – Take the cap off their shampoo, conditioner or shower gel and put a small piece of plastic wrap over the bottle before putting the cap back on. They’ll squeeze, but nothing will come out and they’ll eventually figure out it’s an April Fools’ joke.
  • Drink discovery – Add some food coloring to an opaque drink carton – like a carton of milk or orange juice. When they pour a glass, they’ll get a freaky surprise.
  • Totally buggin’ – Get some plastic bugs and freeze them into ice cubes or hide them in drawers or under pillows for unsuspecting prankees to find.
  • You may want to start with a “decoy prank” – If your kid really wants to surprise someone with a gag, let them start with a smaller “decoy prank” so the prankee thinks they’ve been pranked and it’s over. Then they’ll never expect another prank is awaiting them and it’ll be even better when they get the real prank!

Source: Lifehacker

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