Design Time – Outdoor Gatherings

Design Time – Outdoor Gatherings

Michael Murphy from Lee Douglas Interiors stops by every Wednesday at 8am to talk about all things design! If you have questions about a space, send yours to

This week, Michael gave us some tips for thing to think about as we start looking forward to outdoor gatherings. Check out his tips:

At Lee Douglas Interiors, whether we are designing the interior of a home or throwing an outdoor party, we always consider the 5 Senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch.

Here’s what to consider when creating your own Outdoor Party

  • Sight: How do you want this to look?
  • Sound: What is the sound track to this event?
  • Smell: Food cooking on a grill.
  • Taste: Tasting the food.
  • Touch: Decorative elements that are tactile.

And here are 5 Steps to making to keep you on track and out of overwhelm:

Step 1: Start by considering your entertaining zones. A zone for food, lounging, cooking, drinks, kid…Now start with the food table, with a tablecloth or fabric. This establishes the look or the event.  Place platters to hold food on lift and levels. This creates visual interest and makes the food feel special. Mixi and match materials lends to a more casual atmosphere. Mix woods and metal platters and added some a fabric with pattern for softness. Always add a touch of nature to your table. We often mix artificial and real flowers.

Step 2: Now in the lounging zone, add emotion by playing special music that evokes memories or establishes a mood.  Place chairs in a conversation configuration which means a circle or near one another for easy conversation.

Step 3: The cooking zone is obvious, it’s where you prepare the food.

Step 4: Don’t forget to make the drink table just as special. Use a platter to hold a signature cocktail. And utilize beverage containers. It lessens the times you have to refill the beverage container.

Step 5:The kid’s zone should be easily viewed from the lounging zone and contain games and interactive activities to keep them busy.